Advantages of HVLP Technology


There are many different types of paint sprayers used in the industry today. Airless sprayers use a mechanical piston to expel the coating through a small tip that atomizes the paint, creating small droplets. Conventional sprayers use compressed air at high pressure to carry the coating through the paint gun. HVLP sprayers use turbines to propel large volumes of air at reduced pressure.

At Momentum, we use commercial HVLP paint sprayers to achieve the ultimate finish quality. HVLP technology generates volumes of air up to 130 cubic feet per minute, while maintaining a pressure less than 10 PSI. Our equipment uses 5-stage turbines to generate maximum air flow, better atomizing the coating into a fine mist, and automotive grade filters to remove contaminants that could compromise the finish.

The advantage of spraying coatings at a lower pressure is a finer finish, less waste, and improved air quality. Less pressure means paint particles are less prone to bouncing off and resettling on the surface being finished. This effect also drastically increases the amount of coating that adheres to the surface. We refer to this as transfer efficiency. With greater transfer efficiency, less coating is required, and material costs are reduced. Another benefit is minimizing pollutants released into the surrounding air.

By investing in the most advanced technology and superior equipment, we are able to produce some of the finest finishes available. The result is a factory quality finish that will last.


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